Read and translate the sentences. Try to explain the meaning of the words and word combinations in bold

1. What kind of person can be called a confident one?

2. Can we measure the value of education?

3. It often happens in life that our needs do not correspond to our abilities.

4. He has a lot to show but it is very difficult for him to express himself.

5. She doesn’t take into account people differences. It results in her loneliness.


Task 1

Try to answer the following questions using your background knowledge

1. Why is higher education important nowadays?

2. What possibilities does it give to the graduates?

3. Is it necessary to go the university in order to be an educated person?

4. Should the higher education of an individual relate to the needs of the society he lives in?

5. Can you define the personal and societal value of higher education?


Task 1

Read and translate the text. Enumerate its main ideas